“Escher & Carrot Cake” (Official Music Video)

“Escher & Carrot Cake” from the album Across a Miracle, film production by Brad Hogge.


Tell me love, tell me, tell me love
Tell me baby that you won’t be leaving
For the first, I don’t have a thirst
‘Cause baby you’re the one I believe in

Tell me quick, baby tell me quick
You’re all I’m receiving
Tell me fast, baby tell me in a flash
You’re mine in keeping

Escher and carrot cake
Bull Branch valentine
Oils at the Pines House
Late night photo lab

Tell me, do you remember?
Tell me, tell me love

I was well on my way,
Passed the 1st light
Passed the 2nd
And across the bridge
Over the James
And I took the 3rd light
Then I turned right

Rivermont Avenue
Two-mile sigh
‘Til I snuck upon
The long brick wall

Do you remember?

Mary’s garden
Drowsy Poet
Jazz Street gumbo
And cheesy wontons
Poplar Forest
Engagement tower
Magnolia and Percivals
Maier Museum of Art

I don’t have a thirst, for the first
Escher and carrot cake

© 2009 Hogz in Dandyland (BMI)